10 Emerging Technology Trends to Leverage in 2021

Posted by TH Insights Team May 2 2021

The last decade has seen some tremendous changes in technology — from the launch of the iPad to the app ecosystem exploding with over 5 mn apps. In 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than USD 935 bn revenue . That’s the kind of impact technology has which led to firms like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon bringing people on the digital pedestal.

Undeniably, technology plays a key role in the growth and sustainability of every industry. Though companies were adopting the technology based on their roadmap, the demand to go remote-first has fueled the tech adoption across the industry and pushed the use of digital platforms creatively.

Our research team at TransformHub believes that 2021 holds a lot of opportunities to grow and advance business operations. However, its copiousness comes with the obligation to use them responsibly.

Here are 10 trends to leverage.

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